10 Rich People Problems

By Marko Zlatic
Last Updated: January 12, 2021
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Yes, you read that title correctly. Rich people have problems too. However, their set of problems may be slightly different than mine or yours.

We shall discuss 10 different things that rich people worry about that the average middle-class person does not necessarily have to.

  • Does my Significant Other really Love Me?
  • Will my Kids be Spoiled?
  • Are my Friends “Real”?
  • Being Considered Cheap
  • Will I Lose It All?
  • Target for Lawsuits
  • Family Feuding over the Estate
  • Growing apart from Childhood Friends
  • Missing out on Memories
  • Was it all Worth It?

1. Does my Significant Other really Love Me?

There are a lot of people who date people only because they are wealthy, and this evolves into a marriage and then you have to consider a prenup. 

It is easier to find a partner before you get rich because you will be starting on level ground. 


2. Will my Kids be Spoiled?

The philosophy that comes here is that the kids will have an easier upbringing such as, going to private schools, doing things that a middle-class person may or may not have the opportunity to partake in, and starting a life on a better foot. The problem with the kids is they start to lose their drive. 

From the book The Millionaire Next Door, there are studies where immigrants who have come to a place with nothing, started their own businesses, and they always push education on their kid, hence making their kids becoming middle class because they have a regular 9-5 office job, and they do not become an entrepreneur or someone who is extremely rich who owns businesses. 

In my opinion, this can be mitigated by proper upbringing. In order to counter the problem of having spoiled children is to give them all the opportunities, but to also ensure that they know how to fend for themselves. 


3. Are my Friends “Real”?

When you are rich, you always have the thought at the back of your head if your friends are taking advantage of you just because you are wealthy, or if they truly like you as a person. 

You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. 


4. Being Considered Cheap

Even if you are the most philanthropic person in the world, all it takes for you to be rich or “perceived” to be rich for someone to think you are cheap, if, for example, you do not buy the person drinks at a bar. 

You should realize that, when people perceive you as rich no matter what you do, you are always going to be considered cheap.

Do not let this deter you from achieving your goals from becoming rich, but this is why Stealth Wealth is important. 


5. Will I Lose It All?

Rich people are scared of losing it all. They have worked extremely hard to build up their reputation, their wealth, and their status in the community, and if they lose it all they need to start all the way from scratch. 


6. Target for Lawsuits

This is a true example that has happened to one of my family friends. They were building a new house in a nice suburb. While they were waiting for the house to be built, they met with a car accident which was not their fault.  

The person who was going to sue them was about to go after the original money the insurance claim covered. However, the person’s lawyer drove by my friend’s house and noticed that it was in a beautiful neighborhood and a very expensive home. 

Observing this situation, the person increased the amount of litigation of the lawsuit only because the person thought that my friends made more money than what they did. 

Hence, stealth wealth is what is going to save you. 


7. Family Feuding over the Estate 

This is a family bickering for the rich people after their death. There are many families that we see who have torn apart just because of money, which is really sad. 

Time, health, and family are the three most important things in life, and if you are missing them, you are missing out on the point in life. 

All of this needs to be discussed with an Estate Planning Attorney before the person passes away. Even then, a lot of people may not be happy with what they have left in the will. 


8. Growing apart from Childhood Friends

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.

If you hang out with people who live in your mother’s basement and play video games, this is who you will end up being, and if you hang out with multi-million dollar CEOs that run their own company and are ambitious, you will land in the same boat. 

Ultimately, people take different roads in life. The rich have to worry about this because they see the sacrifice of giving up the “loser” friends and cutting these people out of their lives.


9. Missing out on Memories 

Here’s a perfect example, my previous boss was working long hours a week, and once, I asked him if it was worth it and when is enough “enough”?

He replied by saying he doesn’t have anything else to do, and that is when it struck me - is this all worth it?


10. Was it all Worth It?

At the end of the day, you have sacrificed friends, time, health, family, etc., just to build a business or anything that has made you millions. 

All the rich people ask themselves this question and only they can look inside themselves and find out whether it is true or not. 


That’s all for this blog!

Now, I’d love to hear from you...What are your thoughts about what the rich and poor have to face in their lives?


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