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The mission of this site is very simple – To help you master your money and build your wealth.

About Marko Zlatic, Creator & Host

I grew up in a middle class household raised by immigrant parents. The point is, I didn’t grow up rich or with rich parents who taught me everything I know about money.

Everything I’ve learned about money, investing, and financial literacy I’ve learned on my own... and so can you.

Financial literacy and investing is something that is not taught or talked about enough in society. However, it is one of the most important skills that a person can develop.

Financial knowledge is empowering, and I want to help empower you with the information found in this site.

So why should you listen to me?

I’ve always been passionate about money, the stock market, and investing in general. My investing journey began when I started flipping Pokemon cards and selling mixtape CDs as a kid.

I then graduated into investing in stocks at 18 years old. I started with a TradeKing brokerage account (I’m showing my age here) because the commissions were only $4.95 per trade.

Once I graduated from high school, it was a natural decision to study Finance as my major in college. I graduated in December of 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and started working full time.

After I got my first big boy job, I focused on investing with Vanguard because I knew I needed to start investing into a Roth IRA for my retirement.

In addition to Vanguard, I’ve invested my own money in various platforms just like the ones mentioned throughout this site.

I strongly believe that investing early and often is incredibly important because of the power of compound interest.

Investing a portion of your income will help build a financial nest egg for you and your loved ones for years to come.

After working in tech startups, commercial real estate, and publicly traded banks, I decided to start my YouTube channel, WhiteBoard Finance, in November of 2017.

The YouTube channel has had tremendous success, but I realized that not everyone is a visual learner, and some people prefer to consume their information by reading.

So, I decided to start this blog to supplement the information found in my videos.

Thanks again for checking out my site, and I hope you get a ton of value from it!


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